Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Blog Feature: Firefly Path

On Facebook there are 3 costumers that I am a huge fan of: Firefly Path, YaYa Han & J.Hart Design.

This week (After the release the coolest nerd wedding dress I have ever seen!) I am pleased to announce I have decided to feature Firefly Path.


It is a Princess Zelda wedding gown! 

"A crystal clasp closes the collar/cape in front. The Hylian Crest is embroidered on a silk apron, and the edges are framed with a thin silver piping. A filigree and crystal belt then fastens to the apron.
A high-low over shirt was designed to wear over the dress. The white lace has clear crystals decorating the edges and neckline for a little sparkle. The Elven collar/cape adds a extra layer of drama for the walk down the aisle!"

These designer's have taught me to lighten up on my perfectionism, and put your own twist on things. I am literally my own worst critic, and now I just go with the flow. I used to have the need to get EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL. CORRECT. or I would have a designers fit & give up on it for a while but not everyone is perfect and certainly not every single costume either, I thank these designer's for teaching me that lesson.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FireflyPath/?fref=ts

Blog: www.fireflypath.com

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Princess Belle Village Gown

Well I finally did it! I finally finnished it :)
I mentioned in a previous post the Princess Belle dresses I was going to make
Link to that post:

I decided to get it together finally because I had half finished it last year and then got frustrated and put it away. With only two completed projects to show for 2015 I decided to finish off my half finished one's. Hopefully this leads to more completed one's because I also started a Harley Quinn costume & a Queen Amidala costume last year.

 So here's my final product!


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Princess Belle - Child's Costume

I had fully intended to make myself a Princess Belle costume, but you know what is much easier? making kids costumes. They require much less fabric.

I had made one for my daughter as her first birthday party was supposed to be Beauty & The Beast themed. So here's how I did it!

I found this snow white costume in my local thrift store for $5, but I got it for the reduced price of $4 because the under skirt was torn. That was an easy fix though! Obviously the first thing that I thought of when I seen it was "That skirt would be better on a Princess Belle costume" So guess what I did! I ripped it apart. I took my seam ripper & picked the skirt from the skirt and used the shirt to make a pattern for the new & improved belle shirt I was to add on and Voila! I came up with what you see below :)

I also kept what was left of the Snow White top and I plan on using it later, perhaps making a non historically accurate children's Tudor costume? I have yet to decide.

My Extended Absence

Sorry for my long period of no posts. Back when I posted almost everyday I lived a happier life. 2015 was a rough year for me, so therefore no posts. 2016 is starting to look up though, and with any luck I will be studying to be a Law Clerk at Northern College by the end of this month.

Back in 2014 when I frequently updated my blog, I had recently found out I was pregnant so therefore underwent life changes (Moving to a bigger apartment etc.) In October 2014 we moved to a much bigger apartment, and in December 2014 we found out it was a girl! our happiness was unfortunately short lived. In January 2015 we found out her heart had stopped beating so she was to be stillborn and therefore I had to start off my new year by planning my daughters funeral, etc. When she died I felt like for the entirety of 2015 my happiness had died with her. I'm just now starting to get my life back together.

I plan to start posting more frequently again, and here's to hoping 2016 will be a better year.

Also since I am starting school I have obviously applied for OSAP but have started a gofundme page dedicated to raising money to help me eventually pay off my student loans. Feel free to check it out:


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wedding gowns (I used to like)

So after I discovered the Pnina Tornai dress in 2007 (Mentioned in a previous post) I moved on to sexier princess dresses such as the ones in this slideshow. These dresses are all by My Lady Bridal and these designs became my second favorite after Pnina Tornai.

I quickly fell in love with their use of organza, lace & rhinestones, this became a stepping stone along the path of my design history. Thanks to designers like Pnina Tornai & My Lady Bridal I evolved into what I am now.

My Lady Bridal is an Australian wedding dress company, and even now they are still designing these sexy princessy dresses though now they are much different than the one's that I seen in 2007-2009 & even more beautiful.

You can check out their website by clicking the (rather faded) My Lady Logo beneath the slideshow. Or go to their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MyLadyAustralia

Video game Cosplays

So I play this online game by Perfect World called Forsaken World, I think it's really super awesome. I'm a vampire in the game, it's supposed to be one of the most difficult characters to be, but one thing I've noticed about my character any clothing I am given usually makes me look half dressed.
One costume you could see my characters underwear, I started wondering if there were any other costumes in game that would make me less naked so I got googling it and found that people actually make costumes to model themselves after their character.
That seems pretty cool, though I would not dress like my character is dressing at the current moment I found a nice in game clothing set called the "Duchess"

 Though I think that the ladies in the below photo did a wonderful job I would probably use more luxe fabrics, and maybe add a hoop in the bottom of the purple layer to give it that roundness & bubble thing it has going on. Though I am sure it is hard to make a costume from a video game I could probably pull it off and make it look VERY similar to the online costume, I applaud anyone who has already tried and achieved in making this costume.

Another costume that I don't think anyone (At least that I found while browsing) has tried to make is this one:

Doesn't it look so funky? It looks terribly easy to make I think if I were to create a costume from a video game character I think I would try making this one first. (I may try it for Halloween) what do you think of these?

Click the forsaken world logo to check out it's website & if you like it enough to download the game join me online! My online character name is Elohirian

Friday, February 28, 2014

Princess Belle (Cosplay)

Having brown hair and being a lover of books I've always related & compared myself to Belle from Beauty & the Beast. The other day I got thinking about this more than usual and I wondered what a cosplay Belle costume would look like. WELL I found some of the best, I looked for both the blue dress that she wears in town as well as the classic yellow ball gown that EVERYONE remembers.

I found some pretty fantastical replica's and I'll admit I'm pretty tempted to make the blue one.

Doesn't it just look so easy to make?
(If I ever do make this I will be sure to post about it)

Now the yellow one doesn't look as easy, I really don't think I would have enough patience to achieve such a thing.

There was one costume that I did not quite recall but I'll admit it's been a long time since I've watched this particular Disney movie but here it is:

If I were to make it I would probably be way more into the details than this (I'm a perfectionist) and that's probably why it always takes me so long to make any costume I decide to make. If I were to highly detail it, it would probably end up looking somewhat like this one:

Way to go Disney, you bring out the Princess in all of us even Cosplayers.